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The Witcher returns to Netflix July 27.(Credits:witchernetflix/Twitter)

The Witcher returns to Netflix on July 27. (Credits: witchernetflix/Twitter)

The message is loud and clear. Netflix confirms that Henry Cavill will continue to embody Geralt of Rivia for the remainder of Season 3.

Ever since British actor Henry Cavill first appeared as Geralt of Rivia, fans have been drawn to the immersive fantasy world brought to life on screen with The Witcher. Of course, the news of his departure from the show undoubtedly came as a heavy blow to devoted fans. In an effort to reassure and remind fans that Cavill will still be wielding the sword of the Witcher in season three, Netflix has adopted a new strategy. On The Witcher’s Twitter, the streaming giant shared a number of snaps, each taken from different locations across the UK. The message? To confirm that, yes, Henry Cavill will still embody Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher’s highly anticipated third season. The locations featured the words “Yes, he’s still Geralt in season three of The Witcher.” The locations include Edinburgh Castle, the White Cliffs of Dover, The South Bank and The Shard.

“In case you need a reminder,” the show’s official account wrote alongside the ad snaps. The message is loud and clear to the fans. Henry Cavill may wield the Witcher’s sword one last time. However, it’s still not time to say goodbye to him.

Part One of Season 3 has dropped on Netflix and Henry Cavill is prominently featured in the role of the monster hunter. Part two of this season will also be released this month. It consists of the remaining three episodes of the season. While Cavill has wrapped up filming for season three, he’ll still be on screen for part two.

Meanwhile, Liam Hemsworth will reprise the role of Geralt of Rivia starting in season four. Cavill’s departure came after disagreeing with the show’s creators to deviate from the books’ storyline. The creators wanted to add their own version to The Witcher’s story. How this transition to Hemsworth will take place on the show has caused quite a stir among fans. Many are waiting to see it play out on screen.

Part two of season three of The Witcher returns on July 27 on Netflix. The show is based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s novel, The Witcher. It also has its own comic world and games for fans to immerse themselves in the fantasy realm.

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