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Iron has always been one of the easiest materials to findMinecraft, but iron ore is now in new areas in the game after the release of version 1.20. Update 1.20 has arrivedBasic betasand previewsMinecraftbefore fully launching on all variants including consoles and PC. The update changed the layout for theoverworldand spawn rates for many items. Iron has never been more difficult to find, but version 1.20 makes it even easier to find them. The update changes the altitude at which players find iron ore.

The best place to find iron in Minecraft 1.20

Where is iron in Minecraft 1.20Where is iron in Minecraft 1.20

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The world ofMinecraftis measured by its horizontal distance and vertical distance. The vertical distance measurement is known asHeightor theY axis. Y-level coordinates represent the height of the game, with each level in the Y-axis representing one layer of blocks.

The highest peak you can reach in the Y axis is Y level 320. Theoretically, if you start stacking blocks at Y level 0, you can make a stack of 320 blocks before you reach the vertical limit of the world reaches.

Farthest down you can reachMinecraftis Y level -64, where you hit rock. Bedrock looks like cobblestones with black lines across them. No matter how hard you hit the rock, you can’t dig through rock.


How to update your Minecraft Bedrock Realm

Iron ore is found in iron blocks, which look like cobblestones with pink blobs. Iron ore can only be mined with stone picks or stronger. Wooden picks would destroy the block without ore popping out.

Before update 1.20 you could find iron ingots in every cave or excavation. Iron blocks can be found on mountain tops and can randomly appear on the surface. Minecraftversion 1.20 has made it easier to find ore, including diamond and iron.

Iron spawns at all levels of the Y axis, from Y level -63 to Y level 320. Iron usually appears below the surface. The best levels to find iron blocks are between Y level 15 to Y level 232. While that’s a long radius to look for iron, the closer you are to Y level 15, the more likely you are to discover iron.

Y level 15 and above are typical to put awaymeaning the best place to find ore is by digging through a mountainside.

What do you use iron for?

What level is iron in Minecraft 1.20?  AnsweredWhat level is iron in Minecraft 1.20?  Answered

Image Source: Mojang Studios

It is important to find iron, because iron equipment can mine almost everything else Minecraft. You need an iron pickaxe to dig up diamonds and other materials.

Iron is also the first durable material that you can use to make decent weapons and armor. Stone weapons and armor are much weaker than iron, so it’s vital that you collect as much iron ore as possible. You make iron armor and weapons by melting iron ore into iron ingots and using the ingots to build equipment with your crafting table.

Minecraftis available on the PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, Android and iOS mobile devices.

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