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A few days ago, Tori Roloff shared a new video of Jackson Roloff. The family was walking.

Fans have long expressed concern about the prominent bend in his legs. It doesn’t seem to have improved, despite painful surgery.

Tori’s latest video showed Jackson being his adorable 6-year-old self in the house.

Was she trying to send a message to concerned fans? Because the fears about his bone development have not gone away.

Cute! 6-year-old Jackson stands on a low footstool and beams at his mother in this photo. (Instagram)

In the last days of June, Tori Roloff took to her Instagram Story to share images of her precious children.

1-year-old Josiah was giggling in his crib.

His big brother, 6-year-old Jackson Roloff, walked over to visit his little brother.

Precious Jackson Roloff makes her way to the crib where 1-year-old brother Josiah giggles in June 2023. (Instagram)

Jackson stepped onto a low step to look into the crib.

He is, of course, a small child himself. But the step stool is probably primarily for Zach, the father of both boys.

Tori is the only member of this precious family who is of medium height. At 5-foot-5, she may not need a step to access the crib. But everyone else would.

Although sweet Jackson Roloff looks so cute when he goes to visit 1-year-old Josiah in his crib, many fans had hoped that the bend in his legs would be gone before June 2023. (Instagram)

Tori’s video showed what a precious big brother Jackson is. But it also brought up something else.

His legs remain conspicuously bent. Although he can still walk, his legs have a prominent curve.

Users on social media, even Reddit (a platform where the company is currently at war with its own users), to discuss the boy’s bone growth.

In a video posted by his mother, Jackson Roloff walks outside during the early days of summer in 2023. Fans have expressed concern about his leg development. His parents and doctors are monitoring the situation. (Instagram)

“I’m so sorry for Jackson. Looks like the surgery didn’t really work,” said a poster on Reddit.

“I hope they can do something else to help him walk!” they continued. “Hopefully he’s not in pain.”

One commenter commented, “The poor kid is literally walking on the sides of his feet. It actually looks worse now than it did before he had the surgery. It just looks really sore.”

While Tori Roloff’s story showed Josiah Roloff enjoying a toy car, some of her followers turned their attention to Jackson Roloff’s legs. (Instagram)

“It will ruin his feet,” another Redditor wrote.

“Yeah, this is just heartbreaking to watch,” said another Reddit resident.

However, others expressed more optimism than others about how successful Jackson’s 2021 procedure will ultimately be.

Jackson Roloff showed his ability to walk, but also the unmistakable presence of his bent legs during the last weekend of June in 2023. His parents probably hoped for more linear leg growth by the time he turned six. (Instagram)

“The surgery was not supposed to be a one-time operation,” one commenter reminded everyone.

“He’s undergoing more minor surgeries to straighten his legs throughout his childhood,” they noted. “He’s still growing.”

The commentator added: “Instead of going through a huge, incredibly painful long recovery operation when he’s almost fully grown, they chose this route under the guidance of their doctors.”

Tori Roloff poses in front of a field of flowers embracing son Jackson Roloff, daughter Lilah Roloff and baby Josiah Roloff. (Instagram)

It’s true that Tori and Zach warned fans not to expect too much progress too soon when it comes to Jackson’s legs.

However, we are approaching the two-year mark for his final procedure.

Tori and Zach previously shared that he may need another, more invasive surgery if the plates the doctors put in don’t work.

Here we see 5-year-old Jackson Roloff along with an Easter bunny as he enjoys an egg hunt in the early spring of 2023. (Instagram)

With a child of average height, they would see results faster.

For now, we are confident that Jackson’s parents are in consultation with their doctors.

That’s more important than worrying about social media. Even concern that comes from a good place.

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