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Rohit Choudhary, Keertay AgarwalAnd Yash Banwani scale-up services were included Kuku FM when they realized that there was a huge market eager to access educational content in regional Indian languages. That was the birth of Bangalore-based Seekho, an edtech platform that helps working professionals and small business owners in underserved India learn faster and more effectively

“Social media is abuzz with informative and engaging content in all areas of life. However, there is a lack of reliability. At Seekho, we are building a platform where our users can spend a small portion of their time viewing reliable educational content,” said Agarwal.

Most edtech platforms offer long, often boring courses, but Seekho allows users to use their time meaningfully – and learn. The platform currently offers content around categories such as technology, business, and money. It offers a subscription-based pricing model that gives users access to over 5,000 edutainment microseries.

Retention is the main growth driver

Founded in 2020, Seekho has come a long way in three years. The platform has 1 lakh plus paying subscribers.

The founders praise WebEngage’s Startup program, saying it has helped them gain insights to increase conversions, retain existing users, and more.

“If you have a leaky bucket and you want to keep your growth rate high, retention alone can help you cut costs on acquisition,” said Agarwal, who stressed the importance of retention marketing to Seekho.

He added that retention is an important metric for any startup to grow sustainably. “Retention is a good metric to understand renewal revenue. It helps subscription companies like us gain confidence in renewals,” he said.

Build with WebEngage

Seekho joined the WebEngage startup program in March 2022 as an early-stage startup.

“Participation in this program helped us to conduct communication experiments, increase conversions and also save technical bandwidth on various experiments. One of the highlights is the exemplary support team. It is always available to provide us with quick solutions and solutions to our problems,” said Agarwal.

Seekho’s subscription-based model required founders to consistently work on solutions that would not only grow subscribers, but also retain existing users. Both goals were successfully achieved using the various tools and services offered by WebEngage.

Sharing some of the key lessons while building Seekho, Agarwal said, “We have realized that users spend around 15 minutes on our platform, which may be less than a typical entertainment platform. However, our retention rate is comparable to them. So we believe we have built a usable product.”

Agarwal said Seekho aims to become the largest edutainment platform in India and abroad. “We also want to expand to many regions and regional languages ​​other than Hindi. We want to become the Netflix for learning.”

The cost of acquiring new customers for businesses is significantly high, which is why more and more companies are now investing in retention marketing tools.

This story is the first in a series called Retentioneering, where new-age startups share with us their experiences working with the WebEngage Startup Program and how the platform has helped them with various retention efforts.

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