Thinking of a holiday? Here’s why Singapore is a go-to destination

Singapore captivates the senses with its picturesque skylines, a culture that pushes experimentation with its enthralling array of food and cocktails, thrilling nightlife, and an efficient transit system. While Singapore’s futuristic vibes continue to captivate travellers, the city’s diverse cultural influences add to its charm, offering unforgettable experiences.

So, if you have been planning a vacation to Singapore, here are some pointers that will iron out your doubts:

When can Singapore’s finest be experienced?
Tropical weather is a constant for Singaporeans, so the time when you should not be contemplating travel here is the monsoon season between November and January, which could dampen your travel itinerary.

This towering city-state is a cool blend of experiences for different types of travellers. While its urbanity has sparked dialogues, it has also stayed true to its roots to serve unique travelling experiences that would make anyone want to return.

Singapore’s finest experienceET Spotlight

A mix of adventure and calm
Sentosa Island: There’s a good amount of beach and sun for travellers who don’t want to see the ‘e of emails’ while they sip on cocktails. Don’t forget to explore the Siloso Beach and the Underwater World Aquarium. For those who want some adrenaline rush, exploring activities like kayaking is recommended.

For wildlife enthusiasts
Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve: Most people are often flustered by the demand of the routine, but to experience the calm of nature in a city coloured by urbanity is a real delight. At the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, experience the slow life when one can see migratory birds from places like Australia, and once the mangrove thickets have been crossed, witness otters or maybe even macaques in all their glory. The unmissable architectural brilliance
Merlion Park: Architectural delights always find a way to people’s social media feeds. One such piece that will stun their senses is the Merlion Park, which is a colossal statue of a lion’s head with the body of a fish. This destination is apt to serve as the backdrop for vacation photographs because of its grandeur and the architectural genius that went into its construction.

Picture-perfect access to Singapore’s marvels
Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade:
A visit to Singapore is incomplete without checking out the two-mile walkaway giving you access to the city’s finest architectural buildings and symbols of history. It is apt for walks in the evening or leisurely strolls with a loved one while you soak in the charm of Singapore and snap some shots that will forever be etched in your memory as relics of a fun vacay.

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