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For many K-Drama fans, it is difficult to go back and watch Western media such as American movies and television series, mainly due to differences in content.

“Twenty Five Twenty One” | tvN

Most American television programs contain explicit or graphic content, including nudity, sex scenes, violence, and profanity. While some K-Dramas, especially from Netflixare comparable, the average K-Drama is much ‘healthier’.

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Now, 14.00 hours‘s Taecyeon (Ok Taec Yeon), who has worked for Korean and American TV, revealed what he thinks is the main difference between the two styles.

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Taecyeon in “Vincenzo”

Recently Taecyeon was a guestDIVE StudiosDaebak Show with Eric Namto promote his new K-Drama Heartbeat.

Taecyeon in “Heartbeat”

So host Eric took asked him many acting-related questions, including about his role in XO, Kittythe spin off of Netflix‘sTo all the boys I loved before franchise, adapted from Jenny Han‘s novels. Taecyeon portrayed the fictional actor Ocean Park in Episode 8. His character teamed up with Min Ho’s (sang Heon Lee) Dami’s mother on a fictional K-Drama,A song of an enchanted tiger amulet.

Taecyeon as Ocean Park | Netflix

Earlier Eric had asked Taecyeon about his ‘dream role’. Taecyeon explained that he originally wanted to play an antagonist, but JYP Entertainment forbade it. Now that he’s left the company and portrayed the villain Vincenzohe’s open to just about any role as long as it’s not a stereotypical portrayal of Asians.

When the opportunity arises, I take it, but it’s more like I have a preference for how the Asian demographic is portrayed on TV and on screen. So those were the only thoughts I had about it.

— Taecyon

Eric Nam (left) and Taecyeon (right) | DIVE Studios/YouTube

Finally, Taecyeon had his first chance to act in an American television series, although he partly grew up in Boston. In MayXO, Kitty premiered, so Eric was curious about his part. Taecyeon explained that it was really just a cameo.

I was in it for such a short time. I mean it was fun.

— Taecyon

| Netflix

Taecyeon added that it was “different” from K-Drama productions even though it was filmed in Seoul. So Eric asked what the biggest difference was.

|DIVE Studios/YouTube

Taecyeon: It was very different from how Korean…

Eric Name: What was the biggest difference that made you think “What?!”

Taecyeon explained that the formats are different, which affects the film style. So many US TV series mainly on streaming services are 8-10 episodes and released all at once for easy binge watching. On the other hand, K-Dramas average 16 episodes and release a few episodes every week, and they can air while still filming for future episodes.

For example, Korean TV series usually have 16 episodes to record, while American TV series may have 12 to 10 at most, and they have less stuff to record. And they don’t have everything on the air right now. Obviously it’s not live streaming.

— Taecyon

|DIVE Studios/YouTube

But American television is usually filmed in advance, sometimes a year or more before release. So Taecyeon had kept working XO, Kitty just like last year!

|DIVE Studios/YouTube

Taecyeon:Like it XO, Kitty is like a year from now. If you shoot it now, it will air just like next year. Next year? What happened?

Eric Name: I am like a different person. Maybe I won’t even look like this in a year!

Taecyeon:So that’s very different, I think.

Earlier, Taecyeon went viral for his surprising role in XO, Kitty. Read more below.

2PM’s Ok Taecyeon Shocks Netizens With Unexpected Cameo In Netflix’s “To All The Boys” K-Drama Spin-Off “XO, Kitty”

Source: DIVE Studios

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