Six reasons new insurer can reject you while porting health insurance cover

Porting can fall through if the insurer denies your request for any of the following reasons.

Underwriting risks

Every porting proposal is treated like a fresh policy and subject to underwriting and risk acceptance. So if you have a health condition or pre-existing disease that does not pass the risk threshold of the new insurer, the proposal will be rejected.Claim history
If you, as an applicant, are in poor health condition and have made several claims in the past few years, your proposal is unlikely to be accepted.

Non-disclosure/ wrong information
People mistakenly think that they don’t need to update their medical history during porting as it’s not a new policy, just a switch. This can be a reason for rejection if the medical status in the proposal form does not align with the actual condition during a medical check-up. Similarly, if any other information does not match with that provided by the previous insurer, the new company can decline it.

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Gaps or lapse
If your previous policy has gaps in renewal, or has lapsed, or does so during the process of porting, the new insurer will reject your proposal.

If you do not follow the porting timeline and procedures, such as a delay in initiating porting, failing to provide documents on time, not appearing for medical check-ups, or refusing to take calls, your proposal can be rejected.

High sum insured
If you ask for a very high sum insured compared to your previous policy, the insurer may consider it a sign of increased health risk or impending issues, especially if you have made recent claims, and may reject it.

If the customer does not fall within the age bracket specified in a particular plan, or in case of senior citizens, where the age is above 70 years, the application can be declined. Even if the insurer accepts the porting request, co-payment and loading charges will be very high.

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