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Japanese concepts have been making life a little easier for everyone in recent years, from the KonMari Method that brings magic to the act of organizing to the art of Kintsugi that reattaches broken pottery with gold, to remind us not to everything that is broken is lost or without beauty.

These simple yet meaningful methods are an integral part of a more mindful life, where small changes can have big results, without disrupting our busy schedules.

A delicious and simple way to support a healthy lifestyle, Yakult has teamed up with registered dietitian Jennifer Low to advise on other simple habits that can make a big difference in our overall well-being.

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With a Graduate Diploma in Dietetics, a Master’s in Nutrition, and a Bachelor’s in Psychology, Jennifer is a pro at helping people align their mind and body.

Food and gut health

The gut microbiota consists of trillions of microbes (bacteria, fungi, and viruses) in our gastrointestinal tract. These bacteria are very important and can affect our health and well-being, both physically and mentally. The gut microbiota supports defense against harmful bacteria, so a balanced microbiota can prevent the overgrowth of harmful bacteria, making it an important part of our immune system and supporting our well-being through the unique link called the gut axis. -brain.

You can improve the diversity of your gut bacteria by:

  • Increase your fiber, the main fuel for your gut bacteria, by switching to whole grain options for cereals, pasta, rice and bread.
  • Aiming for 30 “plant foods” per week. Keep track of the different fruits, vegetables, whole grains, herbs, nuts, and seeds you have in a week and try to increase it each week.
  • Try to add fermented foods to your diet, such as kimchi and Yakult Plus, as these expose our gut to live bacteria.


Practicing mindfulness meditation has been associated with increased well-being in healthy individuals and overall mood. We can practice mindfulness in our daily lives by noticing:

  • How the water feels on our skin when we take a shower.
  • How we feel when our children leave school.
  • Our breath goes in and out of our lungs.
  • How food tastes and feels in your mouth.

There is also a wide range of meditation apps to download and classes available.


We are all aware that we need to exercise. It seems that people either love exercise or hate it, so finding a form of exercise that you enjoy is key to making it a priority in your life. Exercise doesn’t have to mean marathon training. In fact, as with anything, starting small and building up gradually means you’re much more likely to stick with it.

Here are some small ways to increase your exercise:

  • Start walking more, whether it’s a short walk at lunchtime, taking a walk with a friend, or taking the stairs, not the elevator.
  • Join an exercise or yoga class, online or in person!
  • Gardening or just visiting your local park.

Connection with nature

This is a relatively new area of ​​research. It describes the way we experience nature, rather than just being in nature. We can walk through the park and not notice anything, or we can walk through the park and connect with how the birds are sounding or how the trees are outlined against the sky or how the ground feels under our feet. This is the true connection. Studies indicate that if we have high levels of connection with nature, we are happier in life and have lower levels of depression and anxiety. Easy ways to increase your connection to nature include:

  • Notice and participate actively through your senses while you walk: smell the flowers, touch the bark of the trees, listen to the birdsong.
  • Grow and care for herbs on your kitchen windowsill.
  • Watching nature shows on TV: If you really don’t have time to go outside, research has even found that watching nature shows on TV can increase feelings of well-being.

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