Save up to 25% on this car insurance premium if you are a good driver; here’s how to get it

Do you think you are a good driver? If yes, you may get some discount while paying for your motor insurance policy. Read on to find out how.

Though most people tend to think they are good drivers, there are hardly any reliable tools or benchmarks to judge how good they are. A new initiative from an insurance company now offers a solution to this problem, and rewards customers who drive well.

Zuno Driving Quotient: What it is, how it works
Zuno General Insurance has introduced Zuno Driving Quotient, a unique way to score how you drive. It is accessible through the Zuno mobile application.

But how will you get a driving score? The Zuno mobile app does it using sensor-based telematics to track how fast you drive, how you navigate corners and how you brake. It evaluates driving behaviour and assigns a score based on these parameters.

Explaining it further, the insurer said, “The app detects motion and by monitoring factors such as sudden braking, distracted driving, over-speeding, and more, it calculates a comprehensive driving score.”

Pay as how you drive: How to reduce car insurance premium if you drive well

The better you drive, the better your score will be, and the lower you will have to pay for your car insurance. “Further, this score not only provides valuable insights into one’s driving habits but also offers a pathway to safer driving practices,” the insurer said. Now, the next question is how much will you save?A user with a Zuno Driving Quotient score of 85% to 95% will be eligible for 10% to 20% additional savings on own-damage car insurance premium, said Shanai Ghosh, MD & CEO of Zuno General Insurance. The savings can go up to 25% on own-damage car insurance premiums, she added.

Customers who drive a mid-size sedan, say, a Maruti Swift Dzire 2017 model, will be eligible for additional savings of around 5% on the premium if their Zuno Driving Quotient is 92%, says Ghosh. Customers with a Zuno Driving Quotient of 96% will be eligible for additional savings of around 6% on the premium, she adds.

The insurer will decide how much discount a customer should get.

How to get Zuno Driving Quotient for pay-as-you-drive add-on

If you want to find out your driving score, take the company’s 15-day driving challenge. First you need to download the Zuno application and register for the challenge. The app will start monitoring your driving behaviour using mobile-based telematics technology. Over 15 days, the app compiles data and assesses your driving habits. The driving behaviour and daily score will show on the app’s dashboard daily. The score is calculated on three parameters – braking control, driving attention and speed control, the insurer said.
At the end of the 15-day assessment period, you will get a comprehensive driving score. The score, valid for one year from the date you start the challenge, can be used to get a discount on Zuno motor policy premiums.
The insurer said a person needs a high driving score to qualify for the savings.

If you drive well, you may save some money on the premium.

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