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One Piece from NetflixIf you have an idea or a friend who is crazy about anime, he or she would have recommended One Piece to you. When it comes to live adaptations, it’s often a hit-or-miss situation, and in most cases it was the latter. However, with One Piece it would be a shame not to capitalize on its popularity, and there’s absolutely no room for error as this is regarded as some of the best on-screen fiction ever.

The trailer generally gives hope to the fans. It starts with Gol. D. Roger and his invitation to a free world and free will. However, his rendering is very different from the original source. In the trailer, he looks like a Jack Sparrow rip-off with an evil smile, which is quite different from the adventurous, hopeful, and enlightened version that anime fans love and love.

Nevertheless, we saw some familiar faces in the trailer, and Netflix did a phenomenal job with the casting. Luffy is perfectly cast and leaves a similar impression to the anime. Emily Rudd as Nami couldn’t have been a better choice.

There were also scenes with Buggy the Clown, and while it may be a controversial statement, he looks better than he does in the anime. The CGI and graphics team did a fantastic job. Zoro’s character also maintains his mysterious nature in the trailer and his fight scenes leave a good impression.

As for Sanji and Usopp, time will tell if the casting was done well enough to capture the fans’ hearts. In addition, there was a brief glimpse of the Going Merry and the creators played with its appearance, which does not get the best reviews.

The season will hopefully revolve around the anime’s Arlong arc, one of the strongest arcs in Anime history. While it can occasionally be a good thing to deviate from the original source, certain iconic characters should be left untouched.

An iconic scene in the trailer shows Luffy putting the hat on Nami and saying, “You’re my friend.” This moment will give any fan of the franchise goosebumps and recording it will bring a lot of nostalgia. And if the legend itself said Eichiro Oda himself that the scene is perfect, then it must be perfect.

In general, fans are showing a positive approach to the upcoming series. With a good storyline and great casting, this show has huge potential. While it may lack the slow-burning essence of the original show, some compromises are expected in a live-action adaptation.

In addition, fans are asking for a cherry on top with the title song from the original anime. The creators haven’t revealed any updates on this, but if all goes well, we won’t have a hodgepodge like AoT or Pokemon’s modifications. In the endless cosmos of possibilities, Netflix drops something that could shape any future adjustments.

If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, click below-

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