Netflix documentary ‘Wham!’: Andrew Ridgeley reveals there was ‘friction’ over George Michael’s successful Economic Times

In the recently released Netflix documentary “Wham!”, Andrew Ridgeley openly acknowledged the presence of “friction” within the band when George Michael took creative direction.

Through the use of archive footage and audio recordings featuring both individuals, the film chronicles the meteoric rise of Wham! to worldwide fame in just four years. Their success spanned multiple chart positions in the UK along with internationally acclaimed hits such as “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”.

Ridgeley and Michael, who were close friends and teenagers when they formed Wham! in 1981, quickly realized that Michael possessed a strong artistic vision. While they were working on their debut album “Fantastic”, Michael emerged as the main songwriter and producer, in addition to the lead singer.
Reflecting on this dynamic, Ridgeley shared in the documentary, “George’s songwriting skills developed at an astonishing rate and surpassed mine. This caused some friction between us.” He further acknowledged that the ambitious goals they had set for themselves could only be achieved through the high-quality songwriting that Michael consistently delivered.

In just four years, George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley formed a musical partnership that made Wham! to remarkable heights, cementing their status as one of the most prominent bands of the 1980s. With countless chart hits that resonated worldwide, Wham! created a phenomenon known as Whamania that captivated audiences around the world. Netflix’s latest documentary, Wham!, offers an intimate exploration of the band’s journey and artistic contributions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who were in ‘Wham!’?
Wham! was a popular British pop duo consisting of George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley. The duo came together in 1981 and split in 1986. Their debut album, Fantastic, was released in 1983 and achieved notable commercial success, reaching number one in the UK charts and reaching number two in the US. The album featured hit singles such as “Young Guns (Go For It)”, “Careless Whisper”, and “Everything She Wants”.
When will Wham! Documentary release on Netflix?
In the UK, the Wham! was released in theaters on June 27. However, the exhibition was for one night. Wham! will be released on streaming giant Netflix on Wednesday, July 5, 2023.

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