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Whether it’s weight loss or stronger muscles, exercising means you’ll reap health benefits. In addition to physical well-being, there are mental health benefits of exercise. Studies have shown that exercise is also good for your mental health. According to a study published by JAMA Psychiatry, walking for an hour or running for 15 minutes a day can help reduce the risk of depression. It is a common mental health disorder and, according to the World Health Organization, an estimated 5 percent of adults worldwide suffer from depression. So if you’re feeling down, you can always sweat it out because exercise can improve your mood!

Health Shots reached out to Gurugram-based fitness expert Vipin Yadav to help you with a list of exercises you can do to boost your mood.

exercises to improve mood
Exercise to improve your mood. Image Courtesy: Freepik

Exercises to improve your mood

Some may think that running can help release pent-up emotions. But for others, it might be a bit too much, especially if they don’t follow a regular fitness regimen. Here are some other exercises you can use when you’re feeling a little down.

1. Walk

There are many benefits of walking has many benefits. If there is greenery near your home, it’s even better. Spending time in nature and observing the simple things in life can be rejuvenating. Yadav says to find a nearby hiking trail or a park with nice hiking trails. Breathe in the fresh air, enjoy the natural surroundings and let it all lift your mood.

walk for a better mood
Walking where there is green can do you good. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Yoga

It is an excellent exercise that combines physical movement with deep breathing and mindfulness. Find a quiet place in your home or join a local class. Focus on stretching, strengthening, and connecting your mind to your body.

3. Dance training

Dancing is a fantastic way to lift your mood and get your body moving. Put on your favorite upbeat music and dance freely.

4. Cycling outside

If you have a bike that has been sitting in your garage for a long time, it’s time to get it out. Get outside exercise by going for a bike ride. The expert says cycling allows you to explore the great outdoors, enjoy the fresh air and experience the thrill of movement. It’s a low-impact cardio exercise that helps lift your mood and improve overall fitness.

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Go for group fitness classes

If you want some company, you can also take group fitness classes that focus on kickboxing or circuit training. They can provide an energetic and supportive environment. Exercising with others can be motivating, and the social interaction can further improve your mood.

Yadav says these exercises can help boost confidence, reduce stress, increase motivation and discipline, and increase body awareness, in addition to giving you pleasure.

As for the best time to work out, it’s the time when you can be consistent and enjoy the activity. So find a time slot that suits your daily routine, energy levels and personal preferences. The expert says that any time of the day is suitable for exercise, and the most crucial aspect is to maintain regular exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. But he suggests that morning should be your preferred exercise time, as it can boost metabolism, increase focus, and set a positive tone for the day. Morning workouts can also be helpful in establishing a consistent routine.

While these are just some of the exercises to improve your mood, you can always look for workouts that you really enjoy. Experiment with different activities until you discover what gives you joy and makes you feel good.

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