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Kylie Jenner and Timothee Chalamet are still a couple contrary to the rumours of their split.

As reported by TMZ, the star couple, which had been dating for over seven months, was rumoured to have split, though sources spotted the two of them together and they are pretty cool with one another.
Neither star has addressed the romance publicly nor have they stepped out together in an official capacity.

In May, Kylie, 25, was spotted at 27-year-old Chalamet’s home in Beverly Hills.
Apparently, the couple have decided to take things slow, and while nothing serious is going on yet, things are casual and fun for the both of them. But rumours will constantly keep emerging of something or the other. The couple have been very discreet with their relationship and haven’t revealed all that much.
The two for their part don’t seem bothered with any of the rumours circulating. They were spotted together once after apparently grabbing tacos together, since then nothing has been revealed meaning it is more than accurate to assume that they just want to continue building their relationship, see which direction it is headed in and go on from there.

The source told TMZ, “Any reports that say otherwise are false,” with another source adding that “fans should not believe everything they read.”
Currently, Timothee will be seen in ‘Dune Part 2′ followed by ‘Wonka’ where he will be portraying the eccentric and somewhat sketchy chocolate maker Willy Wonka from the Roald Dalh novel ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, except the movie will be a prelude focusing on Wonka’s life and how he became the renowned chocolate maker.

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