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The popular series “Knightfall” will say goodbye to Netflix in the United States and several other countries in August 2023. The show, which originally aired on the History Channel, premiered in December 2017 and quickly gained a devoted fan base due to its captivating storyline. and high production quality. Unfortunately, the series was canceled after only two seasons. If you haven’t seen the series yet, now is the time to do so before it goes off the air.
Set in the 14th century, Knightfall transports viewers to the treacherous world of the Knights Templar, a legendary order of warrior monks. The show brought the medieval era to life with its meticulous attention to detail, including elaborate sets, authentic costumes and intense battle scenes. A talented ensemble cast, featuring Tom Cullen, Jim Carter and Mark Hamill, contributed to the show’s success.

When did Knightfall premiere on Netflix?

Netflix acquired global streaming rights to Knightfall in 2018, gradually expanding availability to different regions. In the United States, the first season debuted on October 12, 2018, with the second and final season added in August 2019. Now, four years after the release of the final season, a takedown notice has been issued stating that August 13 is the last day to watch Knightfall on Netflix, with the actual takedown scheduled for August 14.

When will Knightfall be removed from Netflix?

Countries affected by this takedown include United States, Netherlands, Portugal, India, Israel, South Korea. However, not all regions will lose the show on August 14, as the departure will be gradual over the coming months and years on Netflix’s global platform.
For example, countries like the United Kingdom are expected to lose access to Knightfall on December 1, 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why is Knightfall leaving Netflix?
A1: Netflix has a licensing agreement with the production company that makes Knightfall. This agreement has an expiration date and when it expires Netflix will no longer be able to stream the show.

Q2: When will Knightfall leave Netflix?
A2: Knightfall is leaving Netflix in the United States and many other countries on August 14, 2023. However, the show will not be leaving Netflix in all regions at the same time. For example, in the UK, Knightfall will leave Netflix on December 1, 2023.

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