‘Assailants gagged Leenamani, attacked her with an iron bar,’ girl tells chilling murder – Onmanorama

Varkala: Sarasamma, Leenamani’s old maid said that the latter was brutally killed on Sunday by her brothers-in-law in Varkala using an iron bar.

Police arrested one of the suspects in the Varkala muder Raheena case on Monday. Police are looking for the other suspect.

Leenamani, 56, a resident of Kalathara near Varkala in Thiruvananthapuram, was reportedly beaten to death on Sunday after a property dispute with relatives. According to her family, she was abused by her husband’s brothers after a fight over a family property. The perpetrators fled shortly after the crime.

According to Sarasamma, Leenamani’s husband’s brothers attacked her with an iron bar after gagged her. On Sunday morning, Leenamani’s brothers-in-law Ahad, Muhsin and Shaji arrived at the house and attacked her. Ahad’s wife Raheena was also at home when the attack took place.

Leenamani was getting ready for a wedding when the attack happened. She was bleeding profusely because her leg was seriously injured. Sarasamma was also beaten up when she tried to stop them.

“They put a cloth in her mouth to muffle her screams. The doors were closed to prevent the screams from escaping outside,” said Sarasamma.

After the attackers escaped, both Leenamani and Sarasamma were taken to a private hospital in Varkala by local residents. Sarasamma’s injuries are not serious.

The police also confirmed that Leenamani’s body had scars from an iron bar attack and her leg was seriously injured.

Leenamani’s husband Ziyad (Shine) passed away a year and a half ago. After her husband’s death, her brothers laid claim to her property. The complaint is that two months ago, one of Ziyad’s brothers, Ahad and his family, moved into Leenamani’s house. A complaint has been lodged with the police station and a case is pending in court.

Based on a complaint filed by Leenamani, officers from Ayiroor Police Station visited the house with a protection order from the court. This is believed to have prompted the suspect to attack Leenamani.

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