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We know that Andrew Glennon has filed an urgent request to end Amber Portwood’s visits to James.

And we know that the family court held a hearing on the case on Thursday.

So far we don’t know what evidence Andrew presented, or what Amber said in his defense. This is an ongoing case.

We also don’t know if this could affect Amber’s future (or lack thereof). Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.

Amber has been through some rough times. (MTV)

Maybe we’re not there yet Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Season 2, but we know it’s coming.

But will it be Amber Portwood’s final season?

Less than a month before its July 19 premiere on MTV, Amber is once again fighting with her ex, Andrew Glennon.

Amber Portwood stares into the camera for this photo, which she posted to Instagram. (Instagram)

On May 26, Andrew filed an emergency petition in family court.

He tries to suspend Amber’s visits to their son, 5-year-old James Glennon.

Remember, they settled their current custody situation last year. Now everything is up in the air when they hear again in court.

Andrew Glennon took to his private social media page and shared a rare photo of 5-year-old son James Glennon! Both guys are rocking some phenomenal shirts. (Facebook)

The agreement has been for some time that James mainly lives with Andrew in Malibu, but visits Amber monthly.

Supervision is no longer required (legally) for these parental visits.

Every other month, Andrew and James fly out to see Amber in Indiana. Every other month, Amber flies to Southern California.

Amber Portwood stares into the camera for this look at the longtime MTV personality. (Instagram)

Andrew tries to change that.

Presumably, he has evidence that he hopes will convince the court that this arrangement is no longer safe for James.

Amber shoots back. Her lawyer filed a motion to deny Andrew’s efforts and demands that Andrew reimburse her legal fees for it.

Amber, Andrew GlennonAmber, Andrew Glennon
Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon in happier times. After Amber’s arrest for assault, things have never been the same. (Instagram)

The court does not follow Amber in this. In any case, it did not grant her request for resignation.

Amber and Andrew appeared in court for a hearing on Thursday, June 29.

With the judge’s permission, Andrew participated remotely, as he lives and works over 2,000 miles from Amber.

Amber Portwood: I'm not using mental illness as an excuse anymore!  I'm just a bad mom!Amber Portwood: I'm not using mental illness as an excuse anymore!  I'm just a bad mom!
On MTV, Amber Portwood vowed openly to stop using her mental illness as an excuse for repulsive behavior. Fans are not sure if she kept her promise. (MTV)

All told, the hearing lasted about two hours. Both sides presented evidence, offered testimonies. There were also witness statements.

The court has scheduled a new hearing for Wednesday, July 5.

Amber and Andrew will both appear. So far, the judge has neither granted nor denied Andrew’s motion.

Amber Portwood admits she's not a good mom in Teen Mom: Family ReunionAmber Portwood admits she's not a good mom in Teen Mom: Family Reunion
On Teen Mom: Family Reunion, Amber Portwood acknowledged that she’s not necessarily a “good mom.” Viewers and the family court have come to clearly similar conclusions over the years. (MTV)

Some fans are wondering if this custody battle could jeopardize Amber’s future in the franchise.

Many fans assume that Andrew is not putting forward this motion out of a sense of whimsy.

He could have alarming good reason to take action.

Amber Portwood in the airAmber Portwood in the air
Amber Portwood watches on in this scene from a 2020 episode of the show Teen Mom OG. (MTV)

Amber abused Gary Shirley on camera. She scolded him (also on camera). not hit their daughter.

And, more recently, she attacked Andrew by hacking into a door with a machete.

We don’t know what evidence Andrew presents, or what the theory of his case is. But most fans have not forgotten who Amber is.

Amber Portwood FLIPS OFF on Gary Shirley at Teen Mom Reunion: Leah is in therapy without me?!Amber Portwood FLIPS OFF on Gary Shirley at Teen Mom Reunion: Leah is in therapy without me?!
Whether she’s living her life on camera, engaging with critics on social media, or discussing life at the Teen Mom Reunion, Amber Portwood lets people know when she’s angry. Like she did, here, in 2021. (MTV)

That said… MTV aired some of these things as if they were just part of Amber’s life, and not videotaped crime.

Even in 2023, Amber would have to cost the show money (through a loss of advertising, say) to get fired.

If it’s a matter of her failing one of her required drug tests or even something really bad… MTV won’t pull the plug on Amber until she hurts their bottom line. And we still don’t know what she did.

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