A fresh COVID surge spotlights the need for health insurance: Have you updated your plan yet?

As per the World Health Organization (WHO), globally, nearly 1.9 million new cases and over 12,000 deaths were reported in the week of January 16 to 22, 2023. According to an earlier forecast, China is likely to see 36,000 COVID-related deaths in a day in the immediate future. Despite the silver lining of a “sharp drop” in COVID deaths during the last week of January, the infection and mortality scare still continues to linger in China. In India, active Covid cases rose to 1,960, as on 22 January, according to the Union Health Ministry. In addition, India registered a single-day rise of 109 coronavirus infections on January 30, 2023.

Amid rising Covid-19 cases worldwide, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) announced, in the last week of December 2022, that insurance companies should consider giving discounts on the renewal of general and health insurance policies to policyholders who have taken three shots of the Covid-19 vaccine and recommended insurers settle COVID-related claims with a faster turnaround time.

One such integrated one-of-a-kind health insurance policy is Reliance Health Infinity Insurance, launched by Reliance General Insurance, one of India’s leading private general insurance companies.

In an age where a consumer is spoilt for choice, the brand-new Reliance General Insurance Health Infinity Insurance Policy offers everything ‘Zyaada Se Bohot Zyaada’ in terms of longer tenure, global coverage, high sum insured, double cover, unlimited restore and many more limitless benefits.

Optimising the maxim of ‘zyada’ or ‘more’, the plan goes beyond standard policies available in the market, in order to be a one-of-a-kind policy for diverse and evolving consumer needs.

Here’s a look at some of the limitless benefits of the Reliance Health Infinity Insurance plan:

More Global: For globetrotters and frequent travellers, the global Covid health scare is a primary concern when travelling to different countries. To help you prepare for any healthcare emergency and ensure a smooth, stress-free journey, Reliance Health Infinity Insurance plan offers global coverage, covering global emergency hospitalisation and day-care treatment of up to 100% of sum insured, within a sub-limit of Rs. 50 lakhs or a lower sum, whichever is applicable for in-patient treatment. This means, you can seek medical help in case of an emergency without having to worry about high treatment costs.

More Time:
In the case of most health insurance plans, you get a standard cover of around 12 to 24 months. However, Reliance Health Infinity Insurance Plan gives you the opportunity to extend your policy cover to 13 months, if the plan is for 1 year, and to 26 months, if the policy period is for two years.

More Cover:
We’ve already covered how Reliance Health Infinity Insurance plan gives you the rare option of more coverage period and more global coverage. But it doesn’t stop at that. The plan, which offers coverage of up to Rs. 5 crore as SI, gives users the additional benefit of adding Rs. 1-1.5 crore cover to the existing SI, taking the total SI up to Rs. 6.5 crore. Add-on Covers: From more Maternity cover to Double Cover, where you get additional 100% of SI for the same claim, to Air Ambulance cover, where you have the option of being airlifted to a nearest hospital in case of a life-threatening medical condition, and more, the Reliance Health Infinity Insurance plan comes packed with limitless benefits that allow customers to customise their policy as per their needs. The USP is that the Double Cover policy provides twice the amount of the sum insured to be used during the same claim. Which means if one has a sum insured of Rs. 10 lakhs, the policy will provide the insured with Rs. 20 lakhs during the same claim.

More Discounts: The limitless benefits offered by Reliance Health Infinity Insurance plan extend to limitless discounts, up to 7.5% discount if you have a healthy credit score, or 10% family discount if you insure more than one family member. The overall discount that one can avail under the policy is up to 35%. The plan also offers discounts if you share your annual health check-up results to show you’re staying healthy, if you have an optimal BMI, and if you’ve taken the Covid-19 vaccine and/or the booster.

Reduced Waiting Period: Under Reliance General Insurance’s Health Infinity Insurance plan, the waiting period for pre-existing conditions can be reduced to two years or even one year. For example, the waiting period for specific diseases like kidney stones, cataract, hernia, etc., is generally 24 months under any standard health insurance policy in India. However, it can be reduced to one year under the futuristic Reliance Health Infinity Insurance.

COVID-19 accelerated the adoption of health insurance as mounting healthcare bills and the impact of prolonged lockdowns on the economy forced people to opt for insurance plans. Indeed, concomitant with a rise in job insecurities and dwindling incomes was a parallel rise in the need to be better prepared for medical emergencies and to have contingency plans in place and ease the financial burden.

Consumers are now seeking an integrated and comprehensive health insurance, which goes beyond the conventional health insurance plan. Bridging the gap between the need for a health insurance plan that is not miserly with its benefits but is also easy on the pocket is the Reliance General Insurance Health Infinity Insurance policy, a premium plan with tailored insurance options and offering global healthcare cover.

Indeed, in the wake of rising Covid cases worldwide and given that India has the highest medical inflation rate in Asia, relooking at your existing insurance policy for renewals and opting for a policy like the Reliance Health Infinity Insurance Plan that offers limitless benefits and discounts is critical.

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