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Our scene-stealing July cover star – Eyka Farhana – sits down and tells us her favorite moments on the silver screen.

Have you ever seen someone stand in front of a camera and immediately say, “She’s a natural”? Eyka Farhana is one of those people. She moves from pose to pose – almost as fluid as water.

After more than a decade of lights and cameras, this cover shoot is just another breezy Saturday for the talented star. Today she might be playing the role of a model and it is one she knows very well. But we’re still incredibly interested in her interest in movies. In the midst of the “chaos” photo shoot, we can sit down with the actress and get her to tell us her favorite movies and TV shows.

1. Me for you

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She likes a sacrificial love story. As a fellow drama actress, you’d think she wouldn’t be phased by emotional stories after knowing what goes on behind the set. But Eyka is a softie at heart. “The acting in this movie was too good. That last part…’, she exclaims. “When she went to see him for the last time… I cried my eyes out,” she continues.

2. La La Land

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Who doesn’t love a good musical? “Of course I love a good love story. ‘La La Land’ has all that with dancing.” We can only hope to see Eyka in a musical – she sings and dances her heart out with her latest beau on screen!

3. Fast and furious

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One thing about Eyka is that family is everything to her, so it’s no surprise that ‘Fast & Furious’ would be included in her list of favorite movies. And yes, wWe’re really trying our best not to make a Vin Diesel meme reference here. A little fact that may not be known to most is that the actress loves action movies and aspires to be in one (fingers crossed).

4. The world of the married

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Love stories aren’t the only thing on her list! ‘The World Of The Married’ is a story of revenge and betrayal. “This is the first K-Drama I’ve ever seen,” she reveals. “I binged it in two days! The characters and stories were too good I couldn’t stop!” she admits. We’ve all experienced it.

5. Emily in Paris

Image credit: IMDb

“Everyone Loves Emily in Paris!” she exclaims. “It’s a feel-good show. The fashion, the color grading and the views. Every scene is like a whimsical painting,” she adds. Surprisingly, this is the show that comes to mind when I first find out that I’m going to ask Eyka about her favorite movies and shows. The actress shares many similarities with the titular character: kind, sweet and fashionable. It’s not hard to imagine Eyka parading the streets of Paris in the latest designer clothes – and we’re sure she did!

Read our full interview with our cover star Eyka Farhana in the latest issue of LSA Digital Cover Vol. 012 HERE.

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