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If the summer heat is keeping you indoors this weekend, there are plenty of good Netflix movies to burn up the top 10 to keep you cool and company. Summer movie night has never been better on Netflix with throwbacks and new movies hitting our watchlists.

Whether you want to kick back with a tried and true favorite like Bridesmaids or try the latest Netflix original movie the outer laws, there’s a movie for everyone to watch this weekend after the 4th of July. But there are also a few titles you could skip.

We’re sharing the weekend’s three must-watch Netflix movies and a few you don’t really need to rush to watch right away.

Best Netflix movies to watch this weekend, July 7

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Watch! In the summer of 2011, Bridesmaids became a blockbuster and an instant classic. Kristen Wiig stars in the comedy as a bridesmaid who competes with a fellow bridesmaid for her best friend’s wedding. The wild, R-rated comedy provides laughs that will stand the test of time and features an Academy Award-nominated performance from Melissa McCarthy. It’s always a great idea to rewatch the hilarious movie that just gets better with each watch.


To skip! The new original Netflix documentary Wham! follows the highs and lows of the titular band’s career in the 1980s. The pop duo of George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley takes a closer look through archive footage and interviews, beginning with their friendship in the 1970s. If you’re not a huge fan of Wham! or music in general, this may not be the documentary to watch on Netflix this weekend.

The outer laws

Watch! Had a good laugh this weekend? Adam Devine, Nina Dobrev, Pierce Brosnan and Ellen Barkin star in new comedy movie the outer laws, and it’s bound to be a big hit. Adam Sandler produced the comedy about a banker who fears his future in-laws are the dangerous bandits who robbed his bank. It’s one of the biggest original comedy movie releases on Netflix this summer. Do not miss it!

The Out-Laws - Netflix Movies

The outer laws. (L to R) Pierce Brosnan as Billy, Adam DeVine as Owen, Ellen Barkin as Lilly, Nina Dobrev as Parker in The Out-Laws. kr. Scott Yamano/Netflix © 2023.

The Huntsman: Winter War

To skip! The Huntsman: Winter War has a lot going for it, including its amazing cast, which includes Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt, and Jessica Chastain. However, the prequel sequel to Snow White and the Hunter was a critically panned box office bomb. That doesn’t make it any less worth watching, but if it’s not your kind of movie and you’re inclined to watch it after seeing it in the top 10, feel free to skip it.


Watch! Destruction is one of those movies that you really have to see to believe. Based on James VanderMeer’s novel of the same name, the sci-fi psychological horror movie was lauded by critics and it’s obvious why. While a little confusing, Natalie Portman is always a force on screen, and she’s well worth the price of admission for the thought-provoking, visually appealing movie that’s been underrated for too long.

Which Netflix movies will you watch or skip this weekend?

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