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With 28 inspiring writing activities to choose from, you can help your students spoil their mamas and express their gratitude for everything she does! From letter exchanges and poetic pieces to more artsy pursuits, your little ones will have plenty of ideas to choose from to inform how they choose to give thanks.

1. Letter of Gratitude

Let’s start by having your students create a special letter! They can express their deep gratitude and appreciation for their mother or a mother-like figure. This exercise not only helps students improve their writing skills but also builds their emotional intelligence.

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2. Poem tribute

Why not add poetry to your lesson plan? Encourage your students to write a beautiful poem especially dedicated to mothers. Through their piece, they can emphasize the importance of motherly love and care in their lives.

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3. Memory Collage

Here’s a fun idea that combines writing with art! Guide your students to create a collage of special memories with their mother. Each memory can then be accompanied by a short description or caption explaining its importance.

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4. Interview your mother

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Invite your students to put themselves in the shoes of a journalist for a day! Mothers can be invited to spend the morning in class and students can conduct interviews with them; ask questions about her experiences, her advice and her fondest memories.

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5. Recipe book

How about a creative culinary activity for moms who love to cook? Kids can compile a collection of their mom’s favorite recipes before sprucing up the pages by adding personal anecdotes or stories about each dish.

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6. Letter Exchange

Communication is the key to making others understand our feelings! Suggest that your students enter into a correspondence with their mother; provide a platform to share their thoughts, feelings and reflections.

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7. Acrostic Poem

Want to bring some creativity into your classroom? Have your students create an acrostic with their mother’s name. Each letter can represent a positive attribute or memory.

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8. Mother’s Day card

Creativity meets emotion with this fun card crafting session. Using various art materials, students can design a unique and personalized Mother’s Day card; incorporating heartfelt messages and illustrations that reflect their feelings for their mother.

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9. Family Tree

Discover history in your classroom by guiding your students through the process of bringing their family tree to life. They can document short anecdotes about their mother’s ancestors and their significance while delving deep into their personal heritage and listing why they love their family.

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10. Thank You Coupons

Mothers do so much for everyone around them. Give them the perfect excuse to kick back and relax by having your students create thoughtful coupons that offer kindness and help. Mommas can then redeem them as they please.

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11. Mama’s Superpowers

Creative moms are sure to love this special gift! Have your students write a story or create a comic that depicts their mother as a superhero with unique powers.

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12. My Hero Essay

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Reinforce the art of essay writing by encouraging your students to write an essay describing their mother as their hero. As they write, they should focus on highlighting her admirable qualities and the actions that inspired them.

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13. Mother’s Day Diary

Here’s an ongoing project to help your kids reflect their gratitude throughout the year! Suggest that your students start a diary dedicated to recording memories and moments spent with their mother.

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14. Letter to Future Self

Empower your students into the future with this creative mindset task. Invite them to write a letter to their future selves reflecting on their mother’s influence and impact in their lives.

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15. Message in a bottle

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Combine craft with emotion and assign your students to write a heartfelt message to their mother. Once written, they can put it in a beautifully decorated bottle and gift it as a special keepsake.

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16. Tell Time

Everyone loves a good story and writing one is the perfect opportunity for your students to develop their storytelling skills! Invite them to weave a story about a fictional mother or retell a fond family story involving their mother.

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17. Mama’s Top 10

Instruct your students to make a list of the top 10 things they cherish and appreciate about their mother; develop each point to unfold the different stories and feelings associated with each point.

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18. A day in her shoes

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Encourage empathy and understanding with this day-in-her-shoes activity. Play this hilarious video to your class before having your students write a story about a day when they tried to see the world from their mother’s perspective.

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19. Painted rock quotes

Another fun idea to let moms know how great they are is to have your students paint inspirational quotes or heartfelt messages on rocks. Once they are dry, they can present them to their mothers as a thoughtful and tangible sign of love.

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20. Mother’s Day Speech

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Ask students to prepare and give heartfelt speeches at a Mother’s Day gathering. Whether they take a humorous or sentimental approach, all moms are sure to appreciate the special words.

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21. Haiku Collection

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Improve those English skills by asking your students to compose a series of haiku that capture moments, emotions or memories related to their mother; paint a poetic picture of their band.

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22. Time Capsule

Capture special memories by writing about them and putting them in a time capsule. Students can create capsules filled with letters, photos and small mementos that symbolize the relationship they have with their mother.

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23. Mother’s Day Bucket List

Ask your students to write down a list of ideas to ring in this year’s Mother’s Day in a special way! Pupils can then use them to plan the day or involve Mum by inviting her to decide how she wants to spend the day.

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24. Advice column

Nurture compassion by assigning an advice column activity! Your students will need to give their peers words of wisdom on how to celebrate their mothers.

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25. Word Art

Guide your students to draw their mother’s name in different styles and weave in descriptive words that summarize her persona or the relationship they share with her.

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26. Personalized newspaper

Celebrate moms as you inspire your students to design a front-page newspaper describing their mom’s achievements and qualities as headlines.

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27. All about the mother book

Make trivia fun with a cool flipbook. Task students with putting together a personalized book filled with fun facts, memories, and trivia about their mom.

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28. Treasure Hunt

Instruct your students to come up with clues and riddles that will lead their mother on a treasure hunt around the house. Each clue can describe an aspect of valuation.

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