Whether you are purchasing a chopping board for your kitchen or an engraved chopping board as a wedding or birthday gift for a friend, wood is the material of choice. What you may not realise is that, of all the different materials available when purchasing this type of product, wood is the one that will provide the greatest long-term benefits and can be the one used most frequently in the home in the future.

Wood offers a number of advantages, including the fact that if you engrave it, the slicing board will continue to look fantastic for many years. Names, dates, and inscriptions engraved on glass will not have the same lasting effect, and will become scarcely discernible over time.

The first advantage of selecting wood for your engraved chopping block is that in five years, the board will still be sturdy and in use, and the inscription will be as legible as the day the recipient received it as a gift. The wonderful part about this is that it can be displayed on a shelf or used as a tabletop. They are also suitable for everyday use without the risk of damaging the inscription.

Next, you will discover that selecting a wood for an engraved cutting board will safeguard the blades. Every chef will inform you that you must always maintain your cutlery honed and secure the blade. Harder substances, such as glass or slate, can harm a knife and distort the tip or blade, reducing its effectiveness. Wood is gentler and can absorb the knife as it is used to carve, ensuring that the knives are always protected.

Wood is both renewable and biodegradable, making it the material of choice for slicing boards. We live in a world where minimising our environmental impact is a priority, so we must choose products that can be recycled and reused for many years. Wood is one of those products that continues to grow, and today’s companies that provide personalised gifts are also very conscientious about where they purchase their products. This means that the wood used to make their chopping boards is only sourced from sustainable forests, where they know that for every tree that is cut down, another is planted.

In addition, wood is easy to maintain and care for, so it can be utilised in the kitchen for many years. After each use, simply cleanse the cutting board with boiling detergent water and rinse it; this will ensure that all food and pathogens are removed to safeguard your family.

Obtain maintenance instructions from the supplier on how to maintain the engraved dicing board to ensure that it will last for years in all circumstances.

Only purchase this type of item from a reputable company with years of experience in the industry. Choose the engraved cutting board based on what you believe your peers will appreciate and their home’s style. There are so many great ideas and options, but it’s important to choose a company that is flexible when it comes to design to ensure you find the perfect design that will make a statement and satisfy your friend or family member in the future.

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